Property Investment Strategies

Negative Vs Positive Geared Strategy

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Investment Offset Account Strategy

What is an offset account? An offset account is an everyday bank account that is linked to your home loan. Any income and savings can be deposited into the account …

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Have A Strategy

Before any property is purchased it is wise to have an overall strategy; an entry strategy, exit strategy, finance strategy. This forces you to stop and have a think about …

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SMSF Strategy

Investments in Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF’s) have significant tax advantages over investments outside of superannuation and provide a great wealth-building opportunity. Some of the key tax advantages are – Income …

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Rentvesting Strategy

What is Rentvesting? Rentvesting is a property strategy that allows you to get a foot in the property market by buying an investment property where you can afford, while still …

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Good Fundamentals Strategy

Buying an investment property is one of the biggest financial decisions one might face in their lifetime. It is important to consider all factors which may affect the performance of …

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Buy And Hold Strategy

A “Buy & Hold” Strategy is exactly as it sounds. A strategy where you purchase a property and hold it for the long term. In the graph below created by …

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Bank Of Mum And Dad Strategy

With house prices becoming exceedingly unaffordable in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, it is time to start thinking outside the box to get your foot in the property investment door. …

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Use Home Equity To Invest Again Strategy

What is Equity? Equity is the value that you have in your home after you have paid off your mortgage. For example, if you have a home and it is …

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Invest In Property To Pay Off Your Home Loan Faster

The problem with your home loan is that you repay the loan after paying tax on your income. This means that borrowing for your home loan is not very efficient …

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