Florane Petit

My partner and I used Panvest services in march as we wanted to invest in property but didn’t know where to start. We were told multiple times we needed to save more to start investing but prices were increasing faster than our savings for a deposit and we were feeling left behind!

Luckily for us, Mark accepted to help us even though we dind’t have big savings and found an investment that suited our budget of a maximum $300.000. He explained ( multiple times!) everything to us, budgeted our expenses, did cash flows for both principal and interests or interests only, and helped us build a team ( mortgage broker, Building and pest inspection, Conveyancer, tax depreciation schedule… ) for whatever we would need on the way.

Moreover, Mark answered my thousands of questions, stressed calls, and was always really responsive and helpful. We would have never done it without Panvest as there were so many things we had never heard of. I felt relaxed knowing someone was showing us the way and helping us achieve our goals.

We are hoping to get more properties in the future, and we will definitely go back with Panvest. Can’t rate them high enough as they were the only ones willing to help us, and they did an amazing job !

Florane Petit

Jeremy Seeto-Regueira

I would like to leave a testimonial for the Team at Panvest Property.

After speaking with Mark, we felt the best way to get into the property market was to “Rentvest”. Continue to rent in Sydney, close to our work, friends and family, but invest in property where it was affordable and in demand. Property prices in Sydney are crazy and if we had waited to save enough to buy a property in Sydney we would have been waiting for many years and possibly missed out on recent gains.

Mark helped us with our finance structure, strategy and goals and once that was all in place, PanVest Property found a great investment for us. A co-living home with 3 rents, on the Sunshine Coast in Qld and it has already gone up by over $50,000 before we even settled on the land! Now we are starting the building process and can’t wait to see the finished home and start the income flowing in. Our medium-term goal is to build equity in Qld in a property we can afford and then sell and bring the equity back to Sydney to use as a deposit to buy our forever home.

A dream of owning our own home in Sydney may never have happened without Panvest Property. Now we have a clear path to doing so.

Highly recommended!

J. Seeto-Reguiera

Jeremy Seeto-Regueira

Penelope King

Mark and Ellen were very nice, professional and informative.
I’m very happy with the outcome of my meeting with them today.
I completely trust their professional opinion and looking forward for them to chose the best properties for me to invest my money in.

Penelope King

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