Why Panvest?

We Listen!

A good investment property is all about the numbers. BUT, what is the use of an investment property that does not suit your situation, needs, or goals?
A large part of the process of finding the right property is sitting down and listening to your story. Only then do we take action to find you the right finance and property scenario. What will your finance and property scenario look like?

We Educate

The PanVest Property process involves education around the best areas across Australia and the best property types to invest in. Once you sit with us you will leave feeling excited and confident in your investment decisions.

We are Independent

We are not involved with any particular developer. We can source good, safe property in any of the Eastern States from developers far and wide. Companies that are linked to developers only tend to sell their own stock meaning that often you are not being shown the best property for your needs.

We are Pressure Free

To find the right property takes time. We make sure that you are comfortable every step of the way through strategy, finance, education and sourcing the property. Generally, the process to buy a safe and secure investment property takes about 3-4 weeks for most people. This is plenty of time to consider the property from every angle.

We Help

Even if you are not quite ready to invest in property right now but need to know some timeframes around what might be possible for you, we are happy to meet you in our office to set you on the right path to property investment.

We Are Free

Unlike many other property groups, at PanVest Property there is no “membership fees” and no “commitment fees”. Some other groups charge over $10,000 for exactly the same service that you get with us for free.
We are happy to say that we are paid by the developers and referral partners that we sell property for because it gives them security and saves them a great deal of time and huge sums of money in advertising and/or setting up their own sales departments.

The Key Take-Away

You have nothing to lose by starting a conversation. My guarantee to you is that you will get great value and direction and it will not cost you a cent.
Interested in property? Start a conversation by giving us a call on 1300 311 670.

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